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The Grand Holidays Pvt. Ltd was established in 2005 with the vision of further expanding our services beyond our borders. The company soon established itself as a brand name recognized by tour operators and travel agents in the tourism markets of Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. Through this venture, the experiences we gained in the industry over the years enabled us to support and offer technical expertise for various companies in the Maldives. This laid the foundation for our venture as independent consultants, to provide solutions to businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Today, we formalize ourselves as partners to collectively work as a team to share our combined diverse expertise in the sector. The Grand Associates Pvt. Ltd. is formally registered in the Maldives and Sri Lanka in 2020.


We believe that local problems need glocal solutions - solutions that merge what is best for local needs and requirements globally.


We aspire to deliver the best service that serves the needs of our customers with high quality best practices.


Our Service Portfolio

  • We provide consultancy and tailor-made solutions to the problems that rise with the evolution of businesses in the hospitality industry. Our diverse team of professionals aims to bring a global perspective to local problems.
  • We understand that a text-book answer may not be what suits your needs, but a solution that seeks to explore every angle of the problem your company could face to function efficiently.

Property Investment

At The Grand Associates we pride ourselves of being the local experts and leading advisory on property investments in Maldives. The real secret of the success we enjoy lies in our ability and proven track record of unlocking those off-market properties never advertised or offered to the general public.

Investment Advisory Services

We assist in all aspects of Investment advisory services, from conducting due diligence, to selection of investment properties such as lagoons, greenfields, operational resorts, investment partners, formation of joint ventures, etc. to meet the investor requirements.

Business Consultancy Services

We offer a wide range of business consultancy services such as strategy development, development and operation of digital marketing campaigns, data analytics, financial analysis, business intelligence and predictive analytics.

Facility Management

We offer all aspects of fully automated soft and hard FM, including security and hospitality, including full asset monitoring. Repair, maintenance and refurbishment forecasting, including cost estimation, are some of the competitive services that we offer.

Project Management

We offer complete project management services, for resort and other real estate development. We manage projects from start to finish, ensuring fast delivery and responsive operations.

Coastal Works

All types of coastal works including land reclamation, harbour development and channelling, beach development, shoreline protection and prevention of beach erosion, and construction of breakwater and rock armour. We are able to offer these services anywhere in the world.

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Why invest in the Maldives?


Right to 100 percent foreign ownership of the investment


Provision for overseas arbitration of disputes and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.


Long leases of land up to 99 years and no foreign exchange restrictions.


Flexibility to use foreign managerial, technical, and unskilled workers.


No restrictions on the repatriation of earnings or profits.


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